english today.

Hey there;

I'll write in Englisch today, also I know that my englisch sucks. But the language is nice. I like it. So here I am. Writing my first blog in another language. Exciting, isn't it?

So what should I say about today. It was a horrible school day like any other day. We wrote a Geography test and it was horrible as the whole day. I looked on the first page and thought: oh my god, i don't know anything that I could write or answer to this questions. But the second page was 'okay'. Then our teacher said to us, that all the final examinations are not so good as they thought they could be. What the hell? I'm really frightened of the marks. I hope that they will be good. :s Eh yes. After school I've learned the whole day for my next Test in Chemistry. I really don't like Chemistry, but if I'll write a good mark, I'll get a good mark in my report. (:

Then I want to thank you Jules, because she's such a lovely person. She's my best friend. I've never had such a good friend like she is. So Jules: Thank you very much for all you've done for me!

Tomorrow will be a horrible day, too. -.- 7 hours school day. great.. not. 3 hours Art. Oh yes, you maybe think it's great, but then you don't know my teacher. uargh. 

So goodbye my friends and readers <3


Song Of the Day: Life Without You - Stanfour. (;

26.5.10 21:56
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